Five authentic experiences to try in Morocco

Morocco is a country of contrast, colour, culture and delicious cuisine! 

From the sky high sand dunes of the south, to palm fringed cities with bustling Medina's and idyllic beach side resorts in the North. Morocco is a country full of constant surprises that is sure to exceed any preconceived expectations travellers have.

This french-arabic speaking nation is a true fusion of ancient civilisations and the modern world, with a hint of european influence Morocco has forged it's own unique culture over hundreds of years and now stands as one of Africa's most sought after travel destinations, and for good reason!

Here are five authentic Moroccan experiences to try when travelling to this vibrant country.

 Architecture like this are more common that not throughout the bustling medina's and Imperial Cities of Morocco!

Architecture like this are more common that not throughout the bustling medina's and Imperial Cities of Morocco!

1. Go camel riding

What would be a trip to Morocco without a journey through the desert or the palm groves on camel back?

Probably one of the most 'instagrammed' experiences in Morocco, camel riding is a fun and quintessential way of exploring some of Moroccos deserts and palm grove cities.

It also gives you an opportunity to appreciate the vastness and the climate of Morocco as these journeys can typically take anywhere from just an hour up to day long safaris through sand dunes.

For those looking for an authentic yet tourist minded experienced, Dunes & Desert in Marrakech offer an fantastic half day trip with pick up from your door.

Journey out through the pink washed sand stone homes to the palm grove fringe of the city where you'll experience a fun, yet still somehow relaxing journey camel back to visit a local Berber family for freshly brewed mint tea and Moroccan crepes - a truly local experience. 

2. Get lost in a medina 

Whether you do it on purpose or not, getting lost in the bustling medina's of Morocco is an absolute must!

Filled with any handicraft you could quite literally imagine, the Medina's of Morocco are the vibrant heart of each city and the livelihood of plenty of locals.

The medina's wind and weave like a great maze which appear to have no structure at first, however, they do in fact categorise themselves somewhat by what they are selling. You'll find entire sections of medina dedicated to tanneries and leather goods, others with brightly painted mosaics and pottery, and others with hand made lamps and silver tea sets. 

It's easy to spend a full day exploring the medina's and you are sure to not walk away empty handed.

3. Sip a freshly brewed mint tea

The national beverage of choice, Moroccans sure do know how to brew the perfect mint tea!

Packed full with fresh mint leaves and sweet sugar, brewing true Moroccan mint tea is more than just about the beverage, it's an experience. 

Watch as the locals pour the tea from a hand made silver pot from height, somehow miraculously landing into the tiny glass below, the method in making the mint tea takes time, precision and patience, as often the tea is poured four or five times over before it is drank.

A perfect experience to combine with freshly cooked Moroccan crepes after a camel ride through the desert. For the most authentic palm grove camel ride and mint tea experience in Marrakech, Dunes & Desert are your go-to local travel agents. 

4. Explore an ancient Imperial City

Morocco's history dates back thousands of years, and throughout this time has become a vibrant fusion of cultures, religions and people from all over the world. Archeological evidence suggests Morocco was already inhabited some 400,000 years ago with it's recorded history beginning with the indigenous Berbers.

The country has since seen the introduction of both Arabic language and Islam religion in the 8th century, and much later in modern history a myriad of European influence including that from Portugal, Spain and France, all leaving lasting influences throughout the country.

Exploring Morocco's Imperial Cities of Rabat (capital), Fez, Marrakech and Meknes are the best way to delve into the countries diverse history, it's many historical sites, mosque's, architecture and various King's Palaces built throughout the reigning dynasties.   

5. Marvel in the magnificence of Casablanca's Grande Mosque

The Hassan II Mosque is the largest in all of Morocco and by far one of the grandest building's in the entire country.

Perched on the edge of the ocean, this Mosque towers over 210 metres in height, making its minaret the tallest of any mosque in the world.

Unlike other mosque's in Morocco, which can only be entered by people from Muslim faith, the Hassan II Mosque have allocated space throughout the day in which tourists can enter on a guided tour.

The interior architecture of the Mosque is just as breathtaking as it's exterior and with guided tours in most languages including English, French, German and Italian, it's well worth the trip.

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