Don't catch flights, catch relocation cruises!

For many travellers, especially those on a budget, cruises seem like the ultimate luxurious way to travel. 

However with relocation cruises, why waste time in transit at airports and on trains to travel cross continent when you can get the ultimate luxury at a fraction of the price on a relocation cruise!

What are they?

A relocation cruise is where a cruise line company currently has their vessel in one country/continent but needs to relocate it to another for the sake of the holiday season in that area.

This mostly occurs when vessels need to cross the Atlantic Ocean from Europe to the Caribbean for the holiday period, and back again for summer in Europe afterwards.

Due to the company requiring the ship in the other destination they would need to sail it there regardless and therefore offer extremely discounted fare prices to ensure the ship isn't sailing empty.

What to expect

Typically relocation cruises don't offer as many stops along the journey and often have longer times at sea as major oceans need to be crossed in order to relocate the vessel.

This means more time on board the ship at sea without land days, sometimes up to eight days at a time at sea. Quite often you'll visit the destinations included on your cruise after the initial stint of sailing at sea.

But never fear, these vessels are designed for pleasure and entertainment and you'll still be treated to the full suite of amazing things they have to offer at a fraction of the cost.

What you'll get

Every cruise company offers varies packages for their cruises.

Most include at a bare minimum your cabin and all of your food for the entire week, often there are also multiple restaurants and eateries where you can eat all day if you wish.

Some cruise liners will also have inclusive beverage packages however some may only offer this as an add-on for relocation cruises if they're already so cheap.

There are a host of free activities on board cruise liners such as daily dance and craft workshops, sporting equipment and gyms, nightly parties and theme nights and these are all predominately free.

For those wanting more, there are often day spas, hairdressers and other indulgences available for an additional fee.

When do they sail?

The European cruise season generally runs from around May until early September. Following this, vessels would make their journey across the Atlantic to the Caribbean anywhere from mid October to the end of November and back again in April.

Where can I find these deals?

There are a host of great websites that specialise in finding error fare and relocation cruise specials, book marking these are a great way to stay in the loop with latest deals.

For Australians, try Travel Zoo for the best travel tips and cruise discounts. 

For everyone worldwide, Secret Flying are the absolute specialists in hunting out amazing deals, and Travel Pirates are also certainly worth checking out.

Beware of extra costs

Be sure to read the fine print when booking your cruise as every company has a different pricing structure.

Know before you board what is and isn't included, this includes port taxes, additional service fees and land excursions as these are often excluded and can make the trip far more expensive if not planned for correctly.

For the budget hunters

For budget conscious travellers who still want to lap up some luxury, you don't need to miss out on all of the fun of cruises.

There are a number of well priced cruise liners voyaging throughout and the world, and often by taking a relocation cruise you can save yourself a flight cost and get to another continent.

Some of the companies that offer Europe to Caribbean relocation cruises for great rates are Pullmantur, based out of Spain and MSC Cruises. 

Bon Voyage, Happy Sailing!

Alexis ZahnerComment