REVIEW: Experience Oz & NZ - Draculas Cabaret Show and Dinner, Melbourne

Full the brim with dark adult humour, delicious food and devilish cocktails, Draculas Cabaret Show and Dinner in Melbourne is an evening that sure won't disappoint.

With a VIP ticket in hand, thanks to Experience Oz and NZ, we arrived at 7:30pm ready to embark on an evening of fun with really no idea what to expect. 

Arrival & Pre Show

Your experience begins at the mere perimeter of the Draculas Cabaret Show and Dinner, the fittingly imposing haunted house style structure will have you feeling like you've been teleported to the real deal.

Greeted by a rather rock star dressed Vampire at the door, we were thrust into the atmosphere at first contact.

Upon entering the haunted house we were escorted to our 'grave', a bit of fun pre show entertainment to get you into the spirit of the night and cover a few need-to-knows in a hilarious way. From here we were greeted by another vampire and escorted to an upstairs bar where complimentary champagne was waiting for us!

With every detail of the haunted house fit out covered to an absolute tee, it's hard not to feel like you're becoming part of the show itself - think replica horror film statues, body part inspired cocktails, coffins with skeletons beneath the floor and bodies hanging from the ceiling... I think you get the picture!


I never thought mingling with monsters would be my thing, but at Dracula's you don't get a choice, and it's a good thing!

Before being seated for the show, all guests get a professional photo opportunity for a souvenir before jumping aboard the ghastly ghost train which delivers you to the dining room. The ghost train is complete with creepy sound and lighting effects and creeping things jumping out to grab you - more on that later!

Dinner is an impressive set three course menu affair with the option to choose your own main. Our entrees were served almost immediately upon being seated, gratefully as we were starving, and was a delicious petite quiche with a sticky balsamic glaze.

Mains were a choice of chicken, fish, lamb or vegetarian, all sounding fantastic however we went with the lamb and salmon and were certainly not disappointed with our choice. Again served in a timely manner our mains were full of favour and cooked perfectly, a feat for a massive dining room with easily over 200 guests all being served at once! 

Desert was a treat, a perfectly shaped miniature coffin, again proving Dracula's gets the bonus points for finer details, filled with a delicious fresh cream and caramel sauce with popcorn - absolutely decadent and a great way to end what was a fantastic meal.

After the dining room has been cleared by our animated and totally in character 'horror-ible' waiters it was show time!

Show time

Dark adult humour, crude jokes and rock-and-roll are the order for the night at Draculas, it's not something for those easily offended, however it's tongue-in-cheek sarcasm and the performers ability to take the 'mickey' of the audience and their fellow performers, will give you constant laughs.

Think classic rock songs, twisted with ridiculous skits and Bowie-esque costumes and you've got the perfect recipe for a great live show.

The show itself is staged in three sections each lasting about twenty minutes - this ensures the audience never goes thirsty with new rounds being brought out at every interval. 

What surprised me most about the show at Dracula's was the actual raw talent of the performers, each brought their own unique stage presence and were genuinely able to sing, dance and act amazingly. This amplified the live show further as I often found myself unable to look away during a burlesque act or hilarious skit.

Crowd involvement is fundamental to the Draculas show and the performers take every opportunity to ensure this is done in a down right hilarious way - hecklers and Tasmanian's beware!

Post show, the performers were also fantastic in taking the time to pose for photo's and chat to the estatic audience in the bar afterwards.

Drinks and cocktails

The bar menu at Dracula's is extensive, serving all of the commonly stocked beer, wines and spirits with a number of in house horror-inspired drinks also. 

'Type-0' beers and ciders add to the vibe immensely and we ordered one out of sheer novelty and were pleasantly surprised by the great flavour.

The cocktail menu is the major highlight with everything from Haemaglobin (vodka and Chambord) served in IV bags and jelly shots in medical syringes, you really can't go wrong. Most come served in a take home souvenir which was another great touch.

Booking and tickets

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