5 reasons Greece should be on your bucketlist

Because it's home of the gods - still not convinced?

Greece is a mecca for all things cultural, landscapes and delectable cuisines, if it isn't already on your bucket list, here are five darn good reasons it should be!

Because... landscapes!

One of the worlds most popular engagement and wedding destinations, it's not hard to see why.

From the sheer sandstone cliffs dropping into the deepest blue oceans, sunsets in Greece are an absolute sight to behold. Picture hills covered in tiny white buildings with bright blue roofs and vintage windmills, the enormous red sun setting in the backdrop.

Because... food!

Think jam packed gyros, locally caught fresh seafood, organically grown salads, delicious bread with olives and tzatziki as far as the eye can see.

Not only is the food divine, it comes at a fraction of the cost of the Western world.

Because... parties!

The many islands off mainland Greece are an absolute hotspot through the European summer with a slew of young travelers and revelers from all over the globe.

With bottle service a tenth of the cost the Western World, you'll feel like a Kardashian yet still be on a backpackers budget. 

The parties in Greece kick off early, or maybe they just never end from the night before!

Imagine lazing by the stunning coastline all day sipping freshly made cocktails delivered to your oceanside cabana, as the sun slowly sets the music changes pace, get ready to dance all night!

Because... architecture!

It's no secret that Athens itself has buildings far older than the modern world, and to be able to immerse yourself in such remarkable history adds another dimensions to the beauty that is Greece.

With structures such as the Acropolis standing since the 5th century BC, you'll find yourself mesmerized such a structure was even possible without modern technology. 

Aside from it's rich history and ancient buildings, the stunning seaside stark white clay houses with bright blue roves set an unworldly feel to the beautiful landscape - you'll struggle to feel like you're still on earth.

Because... culture! 

Greek culture dates back much further than the modern world itself, and although it has changed over time, it stands as being one of the most recognizable in the world.

A strong and passionately proud culture, Greece infuses their melodic language, delicious food, ancient history and traditional customs into one glorious experience for travellers.

The people you'll meet on a daily basis are quite simply marvelous. From restaurateurs to hotel managers to local taxi drivers, it's almost always service with a smile. Regardless of whether or not they can speak English or your native tongue, they'll make an effort and make you feel welcome .

Greek cultural traditions and customs are very much still practiced and religion is very much the center of both life and local architecture. With tiny churches plotted at every spare block of land be sure to spend some time immersing in cultural experiences.