7 Reasons Margaret River is better than Byron Bay

Uh oh, surely there's no 'cooler' place to be than the East Coast's golden child?

Over the past 20 years Byron has earnt it's name sake as one of the must-do destinations on Australia's East Coast, and not without good reason, but I'm here to give you seven good reasons why Margaret River is better than Byron Bay, any damn day!

1. There are way less people 

Although Margaret River is steadily building it's reputation as one of Australia most pristine tourism destinations, the crowds are not even a tenth the size of Byron Bay.

On any given day in Byron Bay, there are literally thousands of people swarming the main streets, with the crowds peaking at weekends. During the summer months you can expect to sit in your car an additional 30 minutes just to drive into the town's main street.

Margaret River has way less people and this is literally beneficial in almost every way, from more parking spots, to readily available quality accommodation and not having to lay side-by-side to someone on the beach you've never met... you get the idea.

2. There are way more REAL people

This ones going to hurt, but the truth is, Byron Bay is full to the brim with pretenders.

There's people living there just so they can say in their best possible aloof surfers drool, "Yeah, I live in Byron man", or spending hours getting themselves dressed in their best overpriced boho attire to hit the Sunday markets and take 100 instagram snaps. 

There are, however, equally as many amazing and creative people coming from Byron Bay, you'll find talented musicians at almost every venue on a weekend, fantastic local handy crafts and visual artists, and let's not forget the global empire that is Spell & and Gypsy Collective, from humble beginnings at their beautiful little store in Byron to one of Australia's leading fashion brands.

BUT, Margaret River is just effortlessly cool, those that live there do so to live an authentically laid back lifestyle by some of Australia's most stunning coast line, they don't need to brag about it.

3. It has way better waves

This is a no-brainer, although Byron offers up some great point break action in glorious warm water, these waves are 'cute' in comparison to the abundance of swell and various breaks on offer in the Margaret River Region.

Rarely a day would go by where there wouldn't be a break working somewhere along the Margaret River Region's coastline. 

4. It's way more beautiful

Again, although Byron does have it's gorgeous green hinterland and pretty beaches, the raw beauty of the Margaret River coastline is hard to beat (anywhere in Australia for that matter).

From pristine turquoise swimming bays through to the sheer energy of the deep blue swell pounding against the jagged cliff edges - regardless of weather, Margs rarely has a bad hair day.

5. It's got a way better climate

Given Margs can get pretty chilly during the winter months, the swell that is gifted to the coast more than makes up for this.

During summer, you'll be stretched to find a rainy day and without the humidity you'll never sweat a day at the beach again - not that you'll want to sit on the beach after seeing that beautiful ocean.

6. Because it's got way better wine

Boasting over 100 of Australia's best locally produced wines, you'll be hard stretched to run out of wineries to sample on your weekends.

Whether you appreciate fine wines or not, with an abundance of wineries also comes fantastic food, great local events and plenty of live music.

Ever surfed all morning than drank Australia's best chardonnay over fresh fish for lunch? I have, and it's worth that flight ticket. 

7. It's way more laid back

Byron seems to preach this lifestyle, but it's just not possible with the sheer crowds. 

The pace in Margaret River oozes chill, with some retailers even closing Sunday's to enjoy a day at the beach, Margaret River locals really get the meaning of balance and it allows the region to flow at it's own pace.


Byron Bay does have an absolutely amazing array of delicious restaurants, quirky cafes and busy night spots on offer which certainly top that of Margaret River - but you can't have it all!

Alexis ZahnerComment