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Who we are

Hailing from the sunny Land Down Under, we've taken to the road to travel indefinitely. Along the way we plan to document our adventures and connect with other like minded individuals so we can share knowledge and experiences. 

Mermaid Tales Adventure is a travel blog aimed at the adventure and outdoor-centric traveller, we're budget conscious but don't see this as a limitation to seeing the world. 

With multiple years experience in Australia as a Marketing Consultant, Travel Blogger & Photographer, Alexis has worked in various organisations from media to arts, culture and events.

A marketing consultant by 'trade', she understands how to represent your brand positively, enhance your marketing strategy through influencing and writing high quality content and accompanying imagery. 

She would never represent a brand, suggest an experience or write a destination guide for somewhere she's never been and hasn't loved, so rest assured all the content on this blog has been tried, tested and loved by Alexis during her worldwide journeys.

In addition, if you have requirements for copywriting, online blog writing, promotional emails & e-newsletters, press releases, web content and SEO writing, marketing strategies, social media development and strategies  and other creative and travel writing needs, drop us a line!


Specialising in travel blogging, social media influencing & photography.



Alexis Zahner

Travel Blogger & photographer

With an extensive background in marketing consultancy, events and media, Alexis brings a wealth of knowledge to Mermaid Tales Adventure and is the head Travel Blogger & Photographer.

Having being a featured writer in numerous online travel sites including, Huffington Post UK & Australia, Summersite, Travel with Jane, Luxury Backpack and World Nomads, she decided in 2017 to take her skill set on the road, travel blogging her experiences from around the world.

When she's not in the ocean, you'll find her perched high on a rock somewhere 'frothin' out' taking photos of surfers, updating her instagram or writing her latest blog post about her travel.

She's outgoing and imaginative with a versatile skill set to work with various brands and businesses to help them grow both digitally and in the traditional marketing universe.


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